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As shown by organisational research, great strategies rely on data. Our Wellbeing Assessment tool provides data to inform your decisions to best support the wellbeing of your people.

Why choose the AssessYou Wellbeing Check?

The AssessYou Wellbeing Check gives you unprecedented insight into your students’ feelings.

It helps you to:

  • Assess students’ day-to-day wellbeing
  • Monitor the times when they might be feeling low, stressed, pressured by exams, or coping with change
  • Teach, explore and evaluate your students’ wellbeing
  • Improve your teaching with actionable reports
  • Help students feel good and do better.

Wellbeing Assessment Benefits for
the Educational Sector

Proactive Mental Health Support

Prioritize student well-being by utilizing well-being assessments to identify potential mental health concerns proactively.

Holistic Student Development

Foster holistic student development by incorporating well-being assessments that consider emotional, social, and physical well-being.

Prevent Burnout and Enhance Academic Performance

Help prevent burnout and optimize academic performance by leveraging well-being assessments to identify signs of stress and implement targeted interventions.

Relationships and Social

Foster positive relationships and social connection among students by incorporating well-being assessments that promote empathy and collaboration.

Empower Students with Self-Awareness

Empower students with self-awareness and resilience by utilizing well-being assessments that promote personal growth and introspection.

Enhance Student Satisfaction and Retention

Enhance student satisfaction and retention rates by prioritizing well-being assessments and supporting students’ overall well-being.

What is the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

Using insights from your leaders and workers, the tool will reveal how your business is performing in areas critical to workplace mental health, such as leadership and culture. It will give you recommended actions to improve your workplace, based on your results.

Find out how mentally healthy your business is with the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment


Enhancing Organizational
Effectiveness and Performance

Proactive Employee Support

Prioritize employee well-being by utilizing well-being assessments to identify areas of concern and offer timely support.

Enhanced Productivity & Performance

Boost productivity and performance by addressing well-being challenges identified through assessments, creating a conducive work environment.

Improved Work-Life Balance

Support employees in achieving a healthy work-life balance by utilizing well-being assessments to identify potential imbalances or stressors.

Employee Engagement & Retention:

Boost employee engagement and retention by incorporating well-being assessments into feedback mechanisms and addressing concerns.

Health and Wellness Initiatives

Drive wellness programs based on well-being assessment results, promoting a healthier workforce.

Positive Company Culture

Foster a positive company culture by integrating well-being assessments into organizational values and practices.

Our Process

The AssessYou process is designed to provide a seamless and insightful experience for our users.
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