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RISE Youth Conference (Women)

Contemporary worldviews are continually evolving, presenting Muslims with the challenge of preserving their identity while staying true to the purpose and values bestowed upon them by Islam. In navigating this, conflicts may arise between modern perspectives and Muslim identity. How can we comprehend and address these issues effectively?
Join us at RISE to learn how tackle challenges to our Muslim identity. Don’t miss out – let’s navigate this together! See you there!


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Secularism & Atheism: A life without purpose

The growing popularity of secularism and atheism prompts important questions that often go unexplored. If these views become widespread, could an entirely atheistic perspective eliminate the notions of right and wrong? Additionally, what impact might widespread secularism have on our moral and ethical frameworks? How does this affect the Muslim identity of upcoming generations, and what role should we play in addressing these changes? Let’s reflect on our awareness of these rapidly emerging “isms” that are influencing our perspectives and those of our youth.

Feminism: the illusion of women rights

Islam grants rights to women that, in many cases and regions, were extended much earlier than in other areas and religions. However, the influence of feminism, especially on young women and girls, has created a perception of being against everything, with freedom narrowly defined by certain ideologies. The notions propagated under the banner of feminism may have unintended consequences, potentially harming women more than they realize. Are women truly fighting for their rights, or inadvertently working against their own interests?

Artificial Intelligence: The new god?

Artificial intelligence represents a remarkable technological advancement, and as our dependency on it grows, should concerns arise? What potential threats does AI pose to our Muslim identity and humanity at large, particularly with the possibility of man-made technology replacing humans altogether? Is there a limit to this progression, or should there be one? If so, how can we decide to put a limit or end to it?

Quranic Humanism: The Muslim Identity

In this evolving era, the pursuit of a genuine Muslim identity entails the search for the right definition and characteristics aligned with Islam. One must seek these guiding principles within the teachings of Islam itself. Furthermore, Quranic humanism emerges as a source of clarity amidst chaos. Understanding it not only helps in navigating chaos but also plays a significant role in shaping the Muslim identity by connecting spiritual teachings with the challenges of our contemporary world.

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