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A personality test is a tool used to assess human personality. Personality testing and assessment refer to techniques designed to measure the characteristic patterns of traits that people exhibit across various situations.


Discover the 16 personalities created by AssessYou, test your personality type, and find your strengths.

1) At gathering do you

2) Are you more

3) Is it worse to

4) Are you more impressed by

5) Are more drawn toward the

6) Do you prefer to work

7) Do you tend to choose

8) At gatherings do you

9) Are you more attracted to

10) Are you more interested in

11) In judging others are you more moved by

12) In approaching others is your inclination to be somewhat

13) Are you more

14) What bother you more having things

15) Keep yourself updated on

16) In doing ordinary things are you more likely to

17) Writers should

18) Which appeals to you more

19) Are you more comfortable in making

20) Do you want things to be

21) Would you say your life is more

22) In communication do you

23) Facts

24) Are people with vision

25) Are you more

26) Is it worse to be

27) Should one usually let events occur

28) Do you feel better about

29) In conversation do you

30) Common sense is

31) Children often do not

32) In making decisions do you feel more comfortable with

33) Are you more

34) Which is more admirable

35) Do you put more value on

36) Does new and non-routine interaction with others

37) Are you more frequently

38) Are you more likely to

39) Which is more satisfying

40) Which rules you more

41) Are you more comfortable with work

42) Do you tend to look for

43) Do you prefer

44) Do you go more by

45) Are you more interested in

46) Which is more of a compliment

47) Do you value in yourself more that you are

48) Do you more often prefer the

49) Are you more comfortable

50) Do you

51) Are you more likely to trust your

52) Do you prefer

53) Which person is more to be complimented – one of

54) Are you inclined more to be

55) Is it preferable mostly to

56) In relationships should most things be

57) When the phone rings do you

58) Do you feel more in yourself

59) Are you drawn more to

60) Which seems the greater error

61) Do you see yourself as

62) Which situation appeals to you more

63) Are you a person that is more

64) Are you more inclined to be

65) In writings do you prefer

66) Is it harder for you to

67) Which do you wish more for yourself

68) Which is the greater fault

69) Do you prefer the

70) Do you tend to be more

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